Darkness doesn’t always mean the absence of light. It can mean anything. For me it is not knowing what the future holds. I know we are not meant to know that in detail but if you think of it, we are always planning for the future!

Eleven years ago I was separated awaiting divorce proceedings after sixteen years of marriage. I didn’t know what the future held, and God in His wisdom and mercy didn’t show me. Much as we sometimes plead with Him to let us know what the future holds so we could plan the way ahead, He just gives us enough light for the step we’re on (Anne Graham Lotz). And that’s what He did. He gave me His word in Jeremiah 29:11.

This verse came in so many unexpected ways just before I had to make a big life change that I knew God was orchestrating this change. A beautiful hand-made bookmark landed on my lawn as I was walking by. Where it came from, I will never know except to say that I’m convinced it was placed there by an unseen hand just as I was walking by. A post card given to me by a friend with the words, “Don’t worry about tomorrow, God is already there.” A misplaced wall hanging found behind a dresser during that dark time. An email from a friend and a text from another, all quoting Jeremiah 29:11 and all graciously given within a couple of months before making this life-changing decision.

Here God was reminding me that His plans are always better than mine, than ours. As though He was saying “don’t forget, that’s my promise to you.” I held on to it  as though holding on to a life raft, knowing that I was safe but still unsure that I would get to shore, unsure that this uncertain change would steady my life. And to prove this to me, He kept reminding me of this verse even today and impressed it on my heart that it jumped out at me everywhere I went. Over these past six years since I made that change, life felt safe and steady and my trust in Him grew by leaps and bounds.

Once again, a time has come for another imminent big decision. So what does the future hold as I decide at this present time on where to call home? Although the future is still uncertain, God’s Word is sure and certain. Just as Jesus has been with me and brought me through and used these past six years to grow my faith, I know deep in my heart that He will bring me through the next six years and beyond for He is unchanging. He keeps His promises, He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8 NIV).


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