I have little or no sense of direction, geographically, that is. Asking for directions and someone telling me to go north or south, east or west, forget it. I’m lost! At times when inside a building and needing to leave, I have been given directions, go out this door, turn right, then left, go two streets down then turn right again. Before they are even finished I’m already confused. In my head the right becomes the left and visa versa. Well, to a point.

At times I blame not remembering my right from my left on this strange phenomena of ambidexterity. Yes, I am ambidextrous. I can write with both hands, paint a wall with my right hand but do a painting with my left. Something strange happened to me after having gone through school in my younger years writing with my left hand. I suddenly woke up one morning and wrote with my right hand without any practice and which hand I use mostly to this day. To explain this I wrote an article in a Christian counselling magazine entitled “On the Other Hand.” It didn’t bring any more enlightenment so my dilemma with respect to directions continues. But I digress.

Another thing is I hate driving to places I don’t know. Thank God for GPS devices!

Thankfully my spiritual walk is a different matter. Scripture says, “whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did (1 John 2:6 NIV).

I’m doing my best this new year to keep that spiritual compass, trusting God and walking in His way. I know I will get there finally, to that place He prepared for me when my walk in this life is over.

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  1. So grateful for the reminder that our spiritual compass can be intact even when we are directionally challenged in the physical realm. Visiting from FMF. Blessings.

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