This topic could not be more timely. As I write, this is what I am currently doing in my Bible study. The book of Hebrews talks about Christ’s sacrifice for us and the enormous benefits that brings.


Not only do we have eternal life, but He has opened the way for us to meet with God. Anytime, anywhere! Unlike the high priests in the old covenant who only went into the inner temple to offer sacrifices for the people’s sin once a year! Not only that but this is once for all, never to be repeated.

It is mind-boggling what Jesus Christ has done for us. Sometimes it is hard to grasp the enormity of that sacrifice. And what we do in response? Give Him all the praise, all the glory and live a life that honours Him.


It is not always easy living in this world but we have the only help we could ever have to help us accomplish that. His Holy Spirit. What a SACRIFICE!

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