They say experience comes with age. There is some truth in that especially as I am about to experience another birthday next week

Am I wiser? I like to think so. Am I smarter? Getting there! But for me, experiencing the joy of how God continues to change me daily is what is exciting. I do have my highs and lows like everybody else but hanging on to Jesus through thick and thin is proving how faithful He is.

What will I be doing for my birthday? Nothing planned but I love surprises. Maybe He has something special around the corner waiting for me. Watch this space!


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  1. Happy upcoming birthday!

    Y’all inspired a sonnet. I hope you like it!

    I’m older but alas, no wiser
    for I never stopped to think
    that experience can be a miser
    and its lessons did not link
    to that which seemed obvious;
    instead, they had a hidden call
    to which I was oblivious,
    and pride does go before the fall.
    I went my mad and merry way,
    repeating all my past disasters,
    and my friend did wryly say
    that I was one of chaos’ masters.
    I just keep on, effervescent,
    my calendar stuck on ‘adolescent’.

    At the #1 spot in FMF this week.

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