Breath In……Breath Out…..Aah!


Some of us tend to be more conscious about the things we do than being aware of ourselves. We’ve heard the expression, we are not human doings but human beings.

Well, I’m not the most relaxed person. I find myself doing things at a pace – walking fast, thinking fast to the point that my brain is already reaching for the next task before the present one is fully accomplished. And before I’ve completed one task, I’m off to the next. I tend to have three or four books which I’m reading, at the same time. And here is a biggy! I’m always trying to get to where I’m going on time and if I fail to accomplish that, I usually get annoyed with myself or whomever else got me to my appointment late.

It’s when I sit quietly talking with God or reading a book, where time doesn’t seem to matter, that I become conscious of myself, my body. Shoulders high almost to my ears, back taut, body tense and with this sudden realization I drop my shoulders, stretch my back and slowly relax.

Think of a spinning wheel, a merry go round that has momentum. The spinning is rapid at first and then gradually starts slowing down. It’s this slowing down stage that I’d like to achieve. This relaxed stage where there is not too much momentum but just enough to be able to achieve the things I set out to do. More with a calmness and thoughtfulness that makes everyone and everything around me have that same sense of calm.

Some reading this might suggest meditation or yoga, the gym or leisure centre. I’ve done all that. That’s still doing! What I’m talking about is just being more conscious of myself. That means stopping occasionally and taking stock of my body, my mind. This marvelous body with it’s outside and inside workings that God has created.

At the same time, I am thankful for who I am right now. It’s helped me to achieve a lot in life. But a time comes when it’s important to slow down, and yet still able to accomplish much.

I think settling down to my new career in writing would certainly help, don’t you?


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  1. I could have written this…’ve described me, and I’m guessing there are others like us. God got my attention recently, to stop and notice my body. How did he do that? Sickness! ….psalm 119 v 71

    1. Hi Angie
      Thanks for reading my blog. I’m pleased it spoke into your situation I hope you are doing much better now. Bless you.

      By the way, powerful Scripture passage.

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog. The trouble with our lives today is that we all have so much to do. And there are so many things we want to achieve. Sometimes it’s very difficult to rest in God’s presence for even five minutes. Little snatches count, too, though, don’t they? Thirty seconds of cloud-gazing. A whole minute watching sparrows have a dust bath. I wish you much success as a blogger.

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