A Quiet Place

It’s three days since I’ve returned to Florida from the fast-pace, busy life of London. Not only my body was busy but my mind was with so much physical and mental planning that some things went by the wayside, including FMF blogging.

While London is my place of residence and I love living there, I also have a physical home in Florida which I love even more, so the logistical planning for both places sometimes can become mind boggling. As I age, this is becoming more of a challenge and I’m at the point of decision making.

Since I’ve been back I’ve been dealing with jet lag and the time difference amid the unpacking and eventually house cleaning, getting my internet up and running and all the necessary things for settling back in.

For months while in England my mind had been visualizing the relaxed setting, sitting in my favorite chair in my tea room in Florida and spending hours just talking to God. Well, the dream of doing just that has materialized once again. I am writing this blog right from my favorite chair and thinking how good it is not to be rushing about catching trains and buses and just having this quiet, no-harried lifestyle however long or short it might be.

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    1. Thanks although I do have my daily quite time but it’s the unhurried pace that I appreciate as I grow older.

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying a more relaxed pace of life! I agree about London- I’ve been there a few times and I like it for about three days but then the rushing and the busyness gets too much and I need some quiet! Visiting from FMF #31.

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