There’s an unfinished book that’s begging to be completed and I allow so many things to stand in the way. Added to that, it is not an easy write but also I’ve been sensing an unseen force standing in the way because of the subject matter.

Meanwhile, I took up the challenge from my writers’ group in the UK to enter a piece of writing for a Christmas Anthology. Yesterday, I received an email from the organisation that finally the Christmas Anthology is now completed and my short story is part of that book of about eighty other submissions. I cant wait to see my first ever real piece of writing in print!

The bigger issue though is completing that book I mentioned earlier which is on the tough subject of spiritual warfare.

I had a friend visit me recently and what she shared prompted me to mention some of the content of my book. Her response was, “you must finish it, it is so needed!” While I have been receiving encouragement from various people over the years to finish it, I also would value prayer for anything and everything, including myself that stands in the way of me completing it.

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  1. I’m visiting from FMF today and I was excited to see your post as I have a piece in the Christmas anthology too! I’m so looking forward to seeing the finished version and I will look out for your story! Your book sounds great too- praying for you as you work to complete it!

  2. Congratulations Jennifer! I imagine you’re very excited to see your story published. Praying for your strength as you complete your book on spiritual warfare. I agree with your friend, you must finish it, it is very needed. Congrats again.

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