Why Bother? I’m going to Heaven Anyway.

There are professing Christians everywhere. When asked what is their religion, whether it is face to face or completing a form of some sort, they say, “I’m a Christian, I believe,” or tick the box that says “Christian” they may or may not have come to saving faith, but what do they really believe?

• They claim they haven’t done and do not do anything that is unlawful or immoral.
• They may be Christians but do nothing for the Lord (not using their gifting)
• Some occupy church seats, week after week, year after year but do not allow the HS to change them (no sanctification taking place)
• Others continue to live like the world (hoarding worldly goods, unkind to others, unjust, etc.)
• They do not make Jesus the Lord of their lives (hearts not fully given to the Lord)
• Those who think witnessing to others is not for them, they say their gift is not evangelism
• There are those who do not raise their children/families to know God (lifestyles at home…swearing, etc.)
• Many do not make prayer a lifetime habit (only when disaster comes)
• They have a Bible but do not read, study or even meditate on it but leave it to gather dust on a shelf. They dispute that the Old and New Testament are connected but do not realise that the Old foretells of the coming of Jesus in the New)
• Some do “good” works as their ticket to heaven
• There are those who are afraid of death. Who have no understanding that Jesus conquered death and that death is just a transition from one life, the earthly life, to another, eternal life with God forever.

It is convenient and comfortable to live this way because it doesn’t demand anything of or from us.

But what about those who have come to real saving faith?

• They understand that the Christian life is a blessed and joyful life, and that this earthly life is short and temporary. That real life is long and spent with God why it is called Eternity. A life without end.
• That while they are here on earth God has a purpose for them
• These people find their purpose and live it out through studying God’s Word, helping other and providing for their needs
• In this life they experience the same challenges and struggles as everyone else but the difference is they have HOPE, hope for the future
• Why did Jesus come? So that we would have life eternal and live in such a way that it would mean something, that it would make a difference and ultimately bring Him glory
• We are not to keep this “GIFT” of eternal life to ourselves but to share it with others by our witnessing of what God has done for us through Jesus Christ.

Feel free to add anything to this list that you feel I may have missed out and that would be helpful to others.

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  1. Strong points!What is the price of convenience? It is for each one to contemplate and decide. Peace and blessings to you! Stopping by from FMF!

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