What Next


What Next?

I’ve recently come back to the UK for my six-month stint before I leave once again for Florida. I’ve just moved into a rented flat but with so many issues. I am reminded that before I left Florida I did ask God to go before me.

God did indeed go before me evidenced by the fact that the flat I got was not the one intended for me and because of that, I am in walking distance to a great evangelical church. (Something else I asked God for when I prayed for Him to go before me). They call themselves the twenty-four seven church because of their outreach in the community, especially to the poor.

It turns out that as this accommodation is temporary, I will be on the move again. Something I have been doing for the past five years, but which I do not relish doing for another five years or even permanently. And because of all the issues with this flat, I found myself complaining rather than being thankful, remembering that I did ask God to go before me, and he has! This town has been voted the friendliest town in all of the UK. It is also expensive to live here but I know it is where God has brought me.

Didn’t I pray, “Lord, go before me?”My pray now is, “Lord, what next?”

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  1. I hope things go well as you get settled in and that you manage to get the issues sorted out with your flat. It can’t be easy to face so many changes, but it’s comforting that God knows the next step even when we don’t. Visiting from FMF.

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