Why God, Why?

It’s ok to ask God why questions. He doesn’t always answer them this side of heaven but when we get there we will have all the answers.

I met D in church. He helped with the youth projects at church, we worshipped together, prayed together. I had finally found the right person for me. After eighteen months, we got married and life seemed fine. Both working, earning good salaries, going on at least two holidays a year. Yes, life was fine until an adoption process went horribly wrong resulting in the slow degeneration of our marriage.

I’ve question myself many times. Whether that was the right thing for us to do. I have asked God why over and over with no real answers.

God in His wisdom sometimes do not answer us for our own good. My consolation is that one day I will find out why things happened as they did.

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  1. I’m so sad for you! Wanting give you a hug. Life really sucks at times. We all have something go sour sooner or later. Lisa Terkeurst has a book out now called “It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way.” If you haven’t read it, I pray it will bring comfort and encouragement to your soul knowing many of us wrestle and grieve. None of us is alone. Blessings and peace. Stopping by from FMF!

  2. Hi Leigh, thanks for stopping by and for your kind concern. I should have said this happened 26 years ago so I’m over the grief but it doesn’t stop me from occasionally asking God why it all happened they way it did!

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