The Power of a Smile


There is nothing like a smile to cheer someone up. It even has a positive effect on the smiler, for want of a better word.


And the feeling that comes over you when someone smiles at you. It’s as though all is right with your world. Even if you’re having a bad day and just one person similes at you, it changes everything.


I was always a happy person growing up but no one ever mentioned my smile. It’s funny that as I grow older, it is now that people tell me “that’s a beautiful smile, or “what a beautiful smile.” I hear it while I’m walking when I’m at church, shopping and it brings joy to my heart that I’ve made someone’s day brighter.


Then I realized it is what God has done in my life that makes me happy and I tend to smile naturally. Yes, there were many years of sadness but He has changed my morning into dancing (Psalm 30:11) so I smile when I think of all that He has done.


So what’s happening now with COVID-19 my eyes smile but it’s not the same.


A few weeks ago one of my pastors suggested that we drew a smile on the disposable mask for those of us who were serving. That set me thinking and I checked out the internet to see whether there were any masks that could allow us to show our smiles. Hey, presto! Some producers took into account the deaf and hard to hear at this difficult time and they came up with a mask that shows a smile.


I’m off to order some so others can see my smile once again!


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